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About Us

FVS India, we offer “Front End Engineering Services” for PCB manufacturers to the PCB industry globally with engineers over 12 years in industrial experience. We have a well qualified workforce and systems to provide a superior service for flexible and rigid boards at very cost effective price. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we work diligently to ensure your complete satisfaction, now and for as long as you are a customer.

To our clients we are the successful wing to their in-house facility, available 24X7. We have the technical resources and the experience to understand rapidly what you need, execute the necessary processes consistently and accurately, and deliver the job with quality and on time.

Each of our employee have done more than 3000 jobs which gives them an experience of handling jobs with high complexity and to take correct decision at critical situation. We maintain an environment which gives employees a relaxed mind to ensure good quality work at anytime. Apart from this we give benefits for the employees to encourage their hard work and dedication.

  • PCB Design
  • PCB Design Training
  • Web Design
High quality CAM service at unbeatable prices, and obviously the quickest service available. Please browse our site for more information about our services and send your valuable feedback /inquiries to vkk@fvs-india.com and it is very important to the success of our business and we would greatly be appreciated.

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FVS focus on simple to complex printed circuit board design that meet or exceed our customer’s electrical and mechanical control. Our design capabilities includes High speed digital, Analog, mixed digital/analog, RF designs High Layer count (20 layers). FVS manages PCB design and layout projects and also involved in completing many projects as well. We have engineers 12 years of experience working with complex systems, assembly, design, testing, diagnostics, schematic capture, PCB layout, circuit design, and environmental testing.

Our PCB design Services includes:

  • Schematic Capture
  • Component Footprint Capture
  • PCB Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Prototype Procurement


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PCB Schematic

  • The Capture work environment
  • Starting a project
  • Setting up your project
  • Design structure
  • Placing, editing, and connecting parts and electrical symbols
  • Adding and editing graphics and text
  • Changing your view of a schematic page
  • About libraries and parts
  • Creating and editing parts
  • About the processing tools
  • Preparing to create a net list
  • Creating a net list
  • Creating reports
  • Exporting and importing schematic data

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FVS India offer the following web designing services to companies globally, small businesses or individual.With software developers, you always gain satisfactory service in every step, in terms of time, price and quality.Along with providing quality oriented creative services; we also focus on delivering it at a very reasonable cost.Along with logo design services, there is more that we have to offer, from appealing web site designs to business cards, brochures or mascots. We have it all!

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